Diane Posko offers Transpersonal Services to her clients. Her services include: Inner Wisdom Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Meditation Counseling, Inner Life Guidance, and Spiritual Mentorship. Her clients are creative, empathetic, reflective people who are searching for answers to some of life’s big questions:

Ive achieved success in the world, so why am I not satisfied?

Why is this happening to me again?

I need to relax and reduce the stress in my life; how do I start?

I want to change things in my life; where do I begin?

Isn’t there some higher purpose for my life?

Who am I?  Who am I, really?

I am confused in my spiritual life; who can I talk to that won’t judge me?

Diane helps her clients discover their true selves and access deeper sources of wisdom through awareness exercises and contemplative practices. She uses tools such as different types of meditation to quiet the mind and allow for moments of clarity and inspiration. She takes clients through exercises and spends time uncovering what’s blocking their higher thinking, including cultural conditioning and circumstances that can get in the way of self-discovery.

Meditation and Self-discovery tools can help you:

  Decrease stress and anxiety

Create a life of joy, self-acceptance, and confidence

Increase clarity and focus

  Live life with meaning and purpose

Develop your intuition and notice synchronicities

  Shift behaviors and reactions to create more positive interactions
and outlook

  Help you change behaviors—lose weight, quit smoking, develop a
sense of humor, etc.

  Reveal your souls journey

As Diane searched for non-traditional counseling to help her on her own journey, she realized there are limited resources for those who are looking for spiritual, non-denominational guidance. Working with you, Diane provides resources to explore the transpersonal self, who you are beyond your five senses, physical body, ego and social personality. Diane’s goal is to provide support, understanding and acceptance for people who are seeking to understand the connection between mind, body and spirit and how they can live a more fulfilling and authentic life.


Discovering Your Deepest,
Most Authentic Self