Diane Posko offers Transpersonal Services to her clients. Her services include:   Meditation Services, Corporate Meditation Services, Spiritual Regression Hypnosis (Past Life Regression), InnerWisdom Hypnosis, Spiritual Mentorship and Workshop Services. Her clients are creative, empathetic, reflective people who are searching for answers to some of life’s big questions.

Diane helps her clients discover their true selves and access deeper sources of wisdom through awareness exercises and contemplative practices. She uses tools such as different types of meditation to quiet the mind and allow for moments of clarity and inspiration.

Diane’s Services can help you:

      Decrease stress and anxiety

      Create a life of joy, self-acceptance, and confidence

      Increase clarity and focus

      Let go of the past

     Live life with meaning and purpose

      Develop your intuition and notice synchronicities

      Help you change behaviors—lose weight, quit smoking, develop a
        sense of humor, etc.

      Reveal your souls journey


Discovering Your Deepest,
Most Authentic Self